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What People Are Saying

Steph Dryer, Director of Marketing

Greta Cobb, Ph.D., CEO, Sacred Rebels

Jacqueline Denny, Small Business Owner

Tim Lilly, Musician and Field Engineer

I have participated in similar activities for decades and have always found them to be helpful. But I’ve yet to experience anything like the environment that Lynnea provides. Her expertise, honesty and practical insights, combined with her joy and gentle compassion, make her the most effective coach I have ever had.
​​Sally B.
I came to my work with Lynnea over-tired, over-burdened, over-scheduled, anxious, and at a creative impasse. Our sessions were an oasis. Lynnea's program helped me tap into my own energy and sustainability. Having worked through the entire program, I am now kinder to myself and more aware of my own personal power to change my involvement with people and my reactions to situations.
Teresa P.
"I entered this work looking for a way to integrate practical strategies with body awareness as I was navigating significant changes in my life. I gained useful negotiating and communication tools but more importantly the ability to use my body in conjunction with my thoughts to manage business and personal interactions. I feel as if I have gained tools to use everyday. Thank you."
Molly M.
In our sessions, I felt total acceptance. Lynnea models gentleness toward oneself and others, but at the same time will catch you anytime you try to make excuses to yourself, inflict pain on yourself needlessly, or sell yourself short. I now have tools to figure out how to get past what's happening in my own mind and habits.
"I went from feeling that I am my own worst enemy to embracing my life. I am learning and growing every day. I have a calm confidence that I haven’t ever experienced before."
Lulu R.
"Thank you for helping me go where I didn't want to go but needed to go. Thank you Lynnea. You are AMAZING!"

A high-performing team can ensure the success of your organization

If you have LEADERSHIP on your EOS "Issues,"
you want to know Shea and Erik have to say about the QEA System!

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Shea Peffly, Certified EOS Implementer

Erik Frank, CEO, TriState Armature

I’ve seen Erik’s team shift from an I to a We.  Because Lynnea’s program works so deeply with awareness.

After working with Lynnea, my leaders’ ability to work together is much stronger.  I couldn’t be prouder.

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Meet Your Executive Coach

Lynnea Brumbaugh, Ph.D.

Lynnea is a triple-certified coach who helps people in organizations recover from burnout, build resilience, and rise above toxicities and conflict. With decades of experience as a university professor, Lynnea teaches complex concepts in quick bites. And as a gifted empath, she holds a powerful space for transformational leadership to emerge.

Lynnea created dramatic changes in her own life through years of training in cutting-edge personality work and somatic energizing techniques.

She has now systematized these methods into a wildly successful Quantum Results Process, where leadership teams are trained to master their stress, tap into creative solutions, and thrive in complexity.

The result? A workplace culture that normalizes creativity and joy as well as clarity and focus, where people show up with juicy, purpose-filled confidence that keeps productivity high, but without drama and burnout.

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